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5 Unique Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are becoming a must-have feature of the modern kitchen. It’s the anchor of the kitchen, especially in an open concept space. It pulls everything together, while keeping the kitchen distinct from the living room or dining room it may open up to.

When you’re renovating your kitchen you want to make it yours, so how do you make a great kitchen island that also reflects your style? Take a look at these great kitchen islands that will inspire you. 

1. This kitchen island is unique in the sense that its storage is open. This style is great for a kitchen that needs more counter space, but not for a kitchen that needs more seating.

Source: Houzz

2. While technically more of a breakfast bar than an island, we had to admire the use of lighting in this kitchen to accentuate the design features.

Source: Pinterest 

3. Want a kitchen island in a small space? This has to be the way to go – it provides extra seating and extra storage and ties together the whole room by matching details in the shelving.

Source: Houzz 

4. This kitchen island uses marble. For the entire island.

Source: Pinterest 

5. One way to make your island unique is to use it to create extra seating by extending it into a bench.

Source: Pinterest

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