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The Beauty of Built-In Storage

When it comes to organization and saving space, one of the most practical solutions is to explore the various ways of making use of built-in storage. Regardless of the room or space you are working with, built-in storage solutions are not only practical, they can also be incredibly attractive and trendy.

This family room pictured above showcases built-in sections that measure at just over 16 feet in length.  There are four sections in total, with each measuring just over four feet. In this particular case, the six large drawers on the bottom are used for storing games, kids toys, and other various items that are easily accessible. However, they can also be used for items such as DVDs, play consoles, magazines, etc. 

The four upper cabinets are used less frequently. These areas can also be used to store more seasonal things such as vases, trays, light bulbs or other house hold items. The extra areas beside the television offer extra shelving space to showcase trophies, books, keepsakes, and other items that are likely to be on display. 

On the left, the tall section cabinet is used for brooms, vacuums, and other cleaning items. It can also be a good place to hide more shelves to store smaller items as well. The built-in storage unit keeps the design and layout of this family room looking streamlined, chic and organized. It creates a functional space. It is also a great way to keep things organized for families with small children

What room in your home needs an organization makeover? 

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