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The Benefit of Building Up: Second Storey Renovations

Renovations truly come in all shapes and sizes. From the smaller renovations solely for cosmetic purposes, such as updating hardware, tile work and cabinetry in a kitchen, to much larger projects, such as creating a more open concept floor plan; each renovation project is completely unique, and up to the taste and style of the homeowners.

Many renovations are born out of necessity, while others just offer an update to a space, which once was a good fit, but is no longer able to meet your needs. What if, for example, the bungalow you once loved for its cozy feel is now just feeling cramped? Rather than move, why not head upstairs, and explore the idea of transitioning your bungalow or back split into a two-storey home.

Asecond storey renovation is a popular option for single storey homes which families may have outgrown, but would rather stay put and renovate rather than move. Though definitely a larger-scale home renovation, second storey additions can be one of the most rewarding and long-lasting renovations a home undergoes.

Building Up vs. Building Out

When looking to expand the size of one’s home, an addition to the existing home is often explored by adding a room to the front, side, or back of the home. By adding a room or two onto your existing floor plan, it may be able to suit your needs for that extra office, bedroom, or dining room. To drastically increase the size of your home, your best bet is to build up.

Ideal for bungalows and split-level homes, a second-storey addition essentially doubles the amount of living space available to you and your family. It would take quite a lot of surrounding property to double your living space by additions to existing floor plans otherwise. Plus, building out into your property decreases your opportunities for further renovations down the road, such as the addition of a pool! 

Using Your Property Footprint

One huge benefit of building up into a second-storey is that you don’t need the extra surrounding property to increase the size of your home. Many of us enjoy our surrounding yard, or the privacy created by having a bit more room between our house and our neighbours. On the other hand, you may not have anywhere else to build, but up! Using the existing structure of the house, after structural inspections, gives you a clear starting point to where your second-storey renovation can grow from.

Renovation Planning

There are a lot of factors you must consider with a second storey addition. You will want your second-storey to look as though it was always intended to be part of your home, so taking the time to find the right design and floor plan is necessary. While there is already a large-scale renovation occurring at your home, you may also choose to take advantage of this construction site, and renovate the main floor of your home at the same time.

Structural requirements are essential during this renovation, and while the foundation and main floor walls are being taken into consideration for supporting the weight of your new addition, the time is now to speak up about getting the open concept main floor you have always wanted.

Building up can also mean a change to the design and purpose of your home as well. With a second-storey addition, bedrooms and private spaces can be moved upstairs, leaving the entire main floor accessible for family and friends. A partial second storey build can also create that second-storey balcony or patio space you have always wanted!

Building Up With Walden Homes

Adding a second storey can be like moving into a brand new home, without losing the neighbourhood and the home you still love! Very few other home renovations have the ability to essentially double the living space available for your family.

Unlike smaller renovations for design purposes, adding a second story requires extensive structural and architectural planning, not to mention properly equipping your new addition with electrical, plumbing, and insulation to create a seamless home experience for you and your family. A second-storey addition can seem like an overwhelming renovation with all that is involved.

If a second-storey addition is your dream, we can make it come true. We are experts in creating functional second storey spaces, and organizing large-scale renovations is our forte. With our proprietary BuildSmart technology, you have a seamless and transparent connection to your whole construction project, from start to finish. It’s just like a project manager, available on your mobile, tablet or desktop at any time.

We want you to love where you live. To see how we can get your second-storey renovation off the ground, contact us for a no-charge, no-commitment consultation.