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The Benefits of Large Roof Overhangs

The hot, humid weather that is typical of a Toronto summer is fast approaching. After the worst winter in decades here in Toronto, we are sure to be outside enjoying and soaking in all of the sun.

There is one building feature that can help in summer cooling and winter warming: deep roof overhangs. Depending on depth and placement, large overhangs can shade a house in the summer and still allow warm light in in the winter.

In general, a south-facing overhang will direct the sun's rays lower on the window, allowing less light in and preventing that light from heating up the house in the summer. This means less need for air conditioning, less energy used and less money spent.

A good overhang will also allow more winter light to penetrate a building than summer light, thereby allowing light and heat in during the cooler months, which again saves in energy and electricity costs.

Even if you aren't interested in saving money by reducing cooling costs, large roof overhangs provide shelter and help protect a house from bad weather. They can also protect people at the door from wind, rain and snow as well as save doors and windows from bad weather, and protect a house's exterior and foundation from water runoff.

So large roof overhangs are functional and they also look good!