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A Brand New Home: Glenn’s Renovation Story

For 27 years, Glenn drove up to a two-storey red brick house onto a beige interlocking driveway in front of his blue garage door.

He pulled into the driveway after work, walked up the front steps, entered through the double doors, and knew he was home.

It’s been ten months and Glenn still has a difficult time recognizing his own house.

His eyesight has not changed.

He’s lived in the same house with his wife Carol since 1987. Driving by his home on his daily commute from work has become a regular occurrence. It still feels strange to Glenn.

Did the recent renovation to his home cause Glenn to lose his memory?  

Since the renovation, the visual is completely different. The home that used to blend into the Bayview-York Mills neighbourhood now stands out. Neighbours stop by or slow down to admire the changes.

It’s not surprising that it’s taken some time for Glenn to get used to it – the house was completely rebuilt from the interior out.

The exterior of the house was redesigned and rebuilt. The main roof was left intact, but windows were added that extended up and through the roofline. This contemporary detail changed the roofline.

The old roof above the garage was removed and a new flat roof was installed.

The exterior experienced an entire transformation.

The red brick was replaced with a natural stone, dark stucco, and mahogany wood siding. The windows were replaced and architecturally designed to suit the new exterior. The window fixtures were even painted midnight blue to match the tone of the rest of the house.

The facelift of the home’s exterior alongside extensive landscaping in the front and rear yard gave the home an entirely different atmosphere.

Inside, no additions were needed.

The home had ample space, but it was not used very well. The front entry, for example, was an awkward space. It was tall, narrow, and completely out of proportion.

The interior was gutted and completely reorganized to make the most of their space. The kitchen was enlarged and connected to an open concept family room, while the formal living room was made smaller. The home was gutted top-to-bottom.

It’s a brand new home, that is, without the price tag of a new home.