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Contemporary Design: Family Room

Are you considering redesigning your family room?

The 3D image above is the design of a new project we are currently working on for one of our clients located in Leslieville.

This project is a large-scale renovation with the family room being one of the key elements as the clients are a young family looking to stay in this home long-term.

The family room is a large room connected to an open kitchen that runs across the back wall of the house. It also consists of large windows and doors that bring in a lot of nice natural light. The overall room (kitchen and family room) is 40 feet long across the back wall of the house and just under 30 feet of this wall is all glass.

Below are the key design features we have included in this project:

  • Built-in niche with shelving to the left of fireplace
  • Built-in niche to the right of the fireplace for pictures and artwork
  • Lighting installed within the shelving to add a decorative element
  • Horizontal gas fireplace built on a raised hearth that will be clad in a natural stone
    • Our clients have two very young children so we have been working with our fireplace installer to create a custom screen that can be installed to prevent anyone from touching the glass
  • Flatscreen TV positioned above the fireplace that can be comfortably viewed throughout the large family room
  • Left wall of the room consists of wall panelling that is stained in walnut
  • The flooring is dark stained and wide plank (10 inch)

We really love the fresh contemporary look of this design; let us know what you think!