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Contemporary Design Tip: The Glass Wall

Many of Toronto's condos and lofts feature a wall of glass such as the photo above. In the past few years, contemporary design in new custom homes and renovation has grown increasingly popular. We are now finding large glass components, such as oversized glass doors, floor to ceiling windows and complete glass walls to be in many clients must-have list. These large spreads of glass are great for creating an open feeling; make for visual connection to the exterior and flooding the house with natural light.

Regrettably, there are challenges that come with implementing this trend. Engineering a home to allow for these features requires the use of more structural steel. Heating and cooling is also much more challenging. For both heat loss (during the winter) and heat gain (during the summer) these homes and building must be properly engineered to perform properly.   

Our project team includes structural and mechanic engineers along with architects and designers that are experienced in working with these conditions. Performance and comfort are critical and making this work in residential application is a challenge. If you are interested in large walls of glass as part of your home renovation or new home design, we'd love to meet with you to talk about the possibilities.

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When we meet with new clients they often send us photos of what they are looking for when planning for a renovation or new custom home.