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Cost Report: Replacing Your Roof?

This purpose of this cost report is to help you understand the cost required to replace a roof.  There is no one average house in Toronto or any one type of roof.  For the purposes of our report, we are using a 1,800 square foot home found in many areas of North Toronto (as pictured below).  We will outline the cost for a quality installation done by a professional roofing contractor.

The average Toronto homeowner should expect to pay between $10,000-$11,000 for a well-installed, asphalt roof in a downtown home of 1800 square feet.  This amount would include materials, labour and the cost of disposal of the existing shingles.  This includes quality underlayment below the shingles that acts as waterproof membrane.  This would be installed on the critical areas and it is often suggested that this membrane is installed on the entire roof.  The additional cost at the time of installation is well worth it.

The small details that go into a well installed roof is the difference between a $5,000 low ball quote  and $10,000 well installed professional roofing job

 Other Considerations

There could be small incremental cost increases or options if  you  select a limited lifetime architectural shingle (average one has a 25 year life). An increase to limited lifetime would result in a cost increase of 10%, $1000 (worth while), for a total of $11,000.

There are a number of critical areas (in and around the eaves, skylights, valleys) that are particularly vulnerable to problems.  These would be areas that get treated differently if you go for a standard $5,000 roof from a lesser known roofer or a $11,000 quality architectural shingle from a well-known commercial roofer.

The pitch (or degree of slope) come  into to play, as well.  Steeper roofs are more difficult to work on and will cost more.  Very low pitched roofs require a special low sloped roof and should include a protective underlayment of ice and watershield.   The “typical Toronto” roof would have a 9 ½ pitch.

If Repairing Your Roof Is An Option

When having your a roof repaired, it is in the best interest of the homeowner to repair it in sections, so that the entire section can be warrantied.  Rather than just a very localized patch, replace a full section of the roof.  This way  you have your peace of mind knowing this entire section will be set for the next 25 years. For instance, homes commonly incur south and westside roof damage due to the direction of the sun, so these sections can be replaced wholly on their own by entire section.  This approach to repairs will extend the overall life of your roof.


As you can see, depending on the extent of work you would like to do to your roof , the cost of the job can vary. We would suggest that if you are looking into standard roof replacement, work with a quality shingle and work with a well-known roofer (commercial, well-reviewed, etc).   The underlayment and other details will add to the intial cost, but in our opinion, will make for a roof that will perform much better.  Finally, if you are repairing your roof, be sure to do it in sections for warranty purposes and for your own peace of mind. Happy Roofing!

The Walden Team 

Information for this report was provided by Phil Gilmore from Raymore Exteriors Corp.