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Creative Open Concept Design

We love adding interesting elements to every room in a house. The element is usually something that grabs attention and makes the room special. In this space, we are looking at the use of the fireplace as a dividing element between 2 spaces: living/family space and dining space. Note the flexibility of the open space. The clear views through the main floor allow for much desired natural light.

What we really like about this is the strong central element which is clad in a white ceasarstone, giving a stong, subtle, clean, modern effect.  It is both light and not overpowering and the white surface on its own brightens the room.  It takes up physical space but serves a real purpose. 

This also works very nicely in a smaller home renovation or new custom home.  The fireplace is see-through (double sided) and the warmth can be enjoyed throughout the house. Imagine using this year round, this winter especially with the cold weather. However cooler nights in the spring and fall are also great.

Gas fireplaces are convenient, easy to use and safe.  Some of our clients with young children are concerned about the heat and should know that a gas fireplace, like any gas appliance needs to be well monitored. There are many options to explore when you are planning your renovation. Natural gas and other alternatives that do not require any venting.

Renovation Design Tip:  Try and find a focal point or something special in every room.  In this quick video, Bruce takes us into a master ensuite to look at the tiled "feature" wall.