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Home Painting is an Art

Around here, Jimmy is a legend.

Walden loves Jimmy.  Why, you may ask?  Because he makes our work look great.  Jimmy (and the rest of the crew) know how to create a finish that looks amazing.  Clean, neat, nice to the touch.  This doesn’t just happen.  It takes ALOT of preparation, patience and attention to detail.  Painting is an art.

Our clients love his work (he is part of a crew) and they love having him around.  When you imagine a professional painter – Jimmy is the man.

He is pictured here working in a home in Forest Hill. The temperatures outside were cold this week at -15.  The painters are fortunate this time of year, getting to stay out of the cold and have the house to themselves.  Thye can work slow and methodically to prepare and perfect the wood trim, walls and ceilings.

The finished product (a beautiful home) that we deliver to our clients is impacted by the quality of the painter more than any other trade.  Like I said – we love Jimmy.

The Bones

What's Up with the Fan?

With all the wet cold weather, the plaster was not drying at one of our jobs and the tapers were falling behind schedule.