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Kitchen Islands are Great for Seating

When designing, renovating and building new kitchens, one of the most requested elements is island seating.  Larger and smaller kitchens can take advantage of this feature.  Seating three to six is most common.

Rather than having two levels on the island, we prefer to design the kitchen all at one level with a continuous countertop.  The island becomes one large surface that can be multi-purposed. Used for eating, cooking, homework, entertaining or just reading the paper with your morning coffee, the kitchen island can become one of the most central parts of your home.

The size of island can vary from 3' wide by 6' in length to 4' by 12'. The islands that we build for our our clients are all custom built in our cabinetry makers shop in the north end of Toronto.

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This is an example of Walden Homes transforming a home for our clients in order to address lifestyle needs.