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Kitchen Renovation Tip: Small Additions Can Make For A Much Larger Space

We believe that adding a small addition to the back of your home can add value to your property and turn that family room or kitchen into a terrific living space in your home. They can increase room flow and allow for added elements like kitchen islands or added natural light.

Room Flow

A big part of making a renovation work is getting the new and existing spaces to work together. An addition does not have to be overly large to make a big improvement in how the space flows.

In our latest renovation we added five feet to the back of the home. This is enough space to allow a kitchen to go from workable to large and functional. The extra depth was enough to add a beautiful island to this kitchen. The island becomes the centerpiece of this kitchen.

Ceiling Height

This ceiling was raised by 18 inches, which is a great way to increase space in an addition. In this case, it enabled us to include taller doors or windows along the back wall. These tall windows are the first thing you see when you enter the room. They bring in more natural light and creates a nice connection to the exterior.