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Making a Case for Kitchen Windows

When you think about renovating a kitchen, the list of features and options that are available is endless and very exciting. Generally, you will consider new cabinets, contemplate increasing storage, debate between caesarstone or quartz countertops, and window shop for new appliances.

However, there is an element of your kitchen design that often goes unappreciated: kitchen windows.

No one seems to talk about kitchen windows. They are an element of your kitchen that you can look at and not even know that you are experiencing, but they are crucial to the redesign of your cooking space.

Pay attention to windows when designing your new kitchen! They may seem like an afterthought, but they hold significant influence over how your kitchen is perceived. These examples show off the importance of carefully selecting the windows for your kitchen remodel.

Window Placement

In this renovation, the windows run across the full back wall of the house. The back staircase was removed and relocated which allowed the repositioned kitchen to take advantage of the back wall. This made a perfect location for the kitchen sink along with an eating bar. Sitting over the honed black granite countertop gives you a perfect view overlooking the garden.

Our interior design partner, Cindy Vanryn of Snap Interior Design + Contracting, worked with us to create this beautiful space. To learn more about making use of your kitchen seating from Cindy, read more  here.

Natural Light

This is another example of an Allenby neighbourhood kitchen renovation where a wall of windows was used to introduce a maximum amount of natural light. Prior to the renovation, the house and kitchen in particular appeared very dark. The kitchen is now bright and promotes an open feeling. The light from the kitchen filters into the adjoining hallway - making the main floor feel so much more welcoming. 

Wall of Windows

If you are interested in building a wall of windows into your kitchen renovation, there are certain considerations you need to take into account. The tradeoff is that there are less upper cabinets. We've made up for this by working in full height pantries. One 5 foot wide and 8 foot tall cabinet can make up for ten to 15 feet of upper cabinets. This combination - large windows, fewer upper cabinets and the use of full height storage cabinets - makes a smaller kitchen feel much larger, more open. As an added bonus, we get a nice connection to the rear yard. 

Photo Credit: Smith & Vansant Architects PC