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A new custom home in the Beach area of Toronto

We do not blog about the Walden Homes process very often.  Our website does a pretty good job of introducing visitors to our Plansmart & Buildsmart process.  However, to switch things up (and because we really like the whole "process" idea), we thought we would give you a glimpse of the initial stages of planning a new home or renovation, à la Walden. 

Programming: The programming worksheet pictured above (typically 3 pages) combines space planning, where we use a floor plan of the project area, with a written outline of what our client envision for the home they want to build.This is done very early in the process so the project has a structure.

We generally include a visual or two that are central to the overall vision. These can be elements of the interior, exterior or both. There is also a written outline of functional requirements. These requirements can include anything from home comfort preferences, exterior material cladding, structural consideration, zoning implications and scheduling timelines that form the core from which the project will take shape. 

This allows everyone to be on the same page and share a vision for the project. Everyone becomes a team in moving the vision forward.

The next step in our process is the "Project Budget Worksheet". This deals with the financial control of the project.


Stay tuned for our post on this next step of a Walden venture!