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Organized Design

This is an example of Walden Homes transforming a home for our clients in order to address lifestyle needs.

Often, the central issue for most people is organization.  Clients are generally looking for a structure to follow. Once the structure is in place after the renovation, living and functioning day to day is much more comfortable.  A sense of place for everything simplifies things.

Above is the perfect example of function ,  lifestyle and organization:

Note the floor-to-ceiling wall of book shelving. This particular family loves to read.  Books are central to how they spend their time together. A sun-filled room  is a wonderful, quiet space to enjoy reading and relaxing.

The uniform shelving compartments with the illuminated rectangular art display sections adds a unique touch.  The ladder with sliding rail also makes the book shelves a special feature to the house.

Do you believe that effective organization is the perfect way to compliment design? What room of the house would you love to have organized more effectively?

Kitchens & Bath

Undercabinet Lighting

Even if you're a minimalist who prefers to keep the area under your wall cabinets clear, installing some undercabinet lighting could be worth your consideration.