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Renovating a Basement for Kids

We see that many basement renovations seem to be about the adults. And why not? Who wouldn't love to have a place to put a large screen television for watching sports with friends? Or a nice place to enjoy a great movie? Many times we see these new adult dream rooms come with a bar or wine cellar.  Other most common renovations include a new gym, laundry room, storage space or extra bedroom. 

However, more and more people are realizing the benefits of turning the basement into the ideal place for the kids. Somewhere special where they can have their own space, while leaving the rest of the house for more adult purposes. In fact, turning the basement into a kids area could be a great way for adults to enjoy the rest of their homes just as they like, without toys and other inevitable clutter that can come from raising children and teens. 

We really like to work on home renovationsthat are focused on turning basements into fun places for kids. Pictured above, you can see a recent example in which we worked with our client that wanted to have an arts and craft center. We also installed a stage with lighting and there was a curtain for the kids to perform plays, as well as a backstage area complete with costumes. 

And of course, what kids room is complete without a pool table, a hideaway ping pong table, a foosball table, and a music area with drums, guitars and keyboards. And no one ever said that the adults couldn't enjoy the play room too! 

All this fun packed into one basement, leaving the rest of the house clean, clear and quiet! 

What would be in your ultimate game room?