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Renovating: Live Through A Renovation Or Move Out

Renovations are always exciting, but they can often be difficult to live through. Observe how these Walden Homes clients are living through their renovations.

1- In the photo above, you’ll notice a small rear addition is in the process of getting framed. The main floor has been completely gutted out, but the homeowners are still living there. The space is being reworked to enlarge the kitchen and create larger, flexible use spaces.

Over the winter the Walden team worked to underpin and re-finished their basement.  We added space below the main floor extension as well as below the concrete porch to the side of the addition.  They had full use of the main floor during the first phase.

During the 2nd phase, the family is currently living on the 2nd floor and using their brand new basement.

The overall project is taking longer because it is being done in 2 phases – but with 3 young children they felt that it would be less disruptive overall to stay in the house – rather than move out completely.

We will keep you up to date on the overall progress of this project with updates along the way.

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