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Renovating Small Spaces: Flexible Design For Better Living

One of our favorite topics to blog about is making smaller spaces live and feel bigger.  The trick is to make the space you have become flexible and functional

Looking at the room pictured here, the dining area connects to the kitchen and family room. The dining room table as shown can be increased in length when entertaining larger parties easily, so a table for 8 can become a table for 12.  In a traditional dining room with fixed walls, this option is not really available. 

There is space for the family room.  Day to day seating for 5 or 6 is more than enough.  But with guests, additional seating can be brought into the space and now you have seating for 10 or 12.  This is only possible with flexible space. 

The beauty of flexible design is that you do not need to have a huge house to have large functional rooms.  Rather than building additional square footage,  think about the option of flexible space.  Your home many not need to be as big as you think.