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Renovation Trends: Smart Homes

Who cares about wearable tech? Smart Homes are the future now! Technology for the home is expanding faster than ever – people want to use it to make their lives easier, their homes safer, and to automate the little things in their lives. 

We take a look at the coolest tech details to make living easy in your high tech fortress. 

Use Bluetooth To Light Your Home

Yes, there’s technology coming our way that makes creating mood lighting easier than ever before. Bluetooth lighting allows you to control the lighting of any room from your phone. It also brings possibilities that extend beyond lighting – like controlling outlets or snapping a picture of anyone who knocks on your door. 

Voice Control

Siri isn’t the only tech you’ll be talking to soon. With tech like Nucleus and Ubi you can control your home by talking to it. Nucleus acts as an in-home audio and video intercom and controls other smart home products. Ubiboasts a voice control for your home that learns your commands over time that can control music, temperature, and lighting. 


Forget to lock your doors? Lost your keys? Lockitron lets you lock and unlock your doors with your iPhone. It is the future of keyless entry. Dropcam, a Nest company, secures your home from anywhere, allowing you to check in anytime or use it as a baby or pet monitor. 

Have you started getting your home ready for the future?