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Systems That Make Your Home Tick

The Basement Is Where We Find These Systems

Planning and finishing basements are part of the work that we do in renovating or building new homes.

Besides the living, storage and functional space that a basement provides, most of the  important house systems can be found in the basement.  

What we mean by "systems" are things like waterproofing, sanitary drains, a back-flow preventer, the electrical panel, the water shut off, a sump pump, a furnace or boiler, the hot water tank, the foundations, window wells, the radiant heating manifold, an HRV, humidification, air cleaner, the alarm control panel and others. Then there are bulkheads, bench footings, floor drains and other components to think about.

Planning your new home renovation or new custom home requires an understanding of these systems and how they impact the house in general, as well as the basement specifically.

As project managers, we work with architects, designers, engineering and various specialty contractors to make sure that all the components work together cohesively.  Getting the systems right and positioned out of the way allows you to enjoy the comfort of a well-designed basement.

Written by:  Bruce Borden, Walden Homes

The Bones

Keep Your Basement Dry

Considering the record amounts of rain we’ve been receiving around the city, we thought we’d put together an quick post on ways to flood and leak proof your home.