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Tear Downs In Toronto: The Growing Trend Continues

Many neighbourhoods throughout Toronto are experiencing the effects of tear downs. One by one, older homes on Toronto streets are renovated or torn down completely and re-built. Streets and neighbourhoods are completely transformed.

Architectural Style

By investing in their properties, homeowners reinvent the neighbourhoods in which they live. Architectural styles have changed throughout the years. Today, contemporary and modern styles are prevalent in some neighbourhoods. Others prefer maintaining a blend with traditional styles that already exist, so the new home fits into the streetscape.

Big Pictures are Built out of Small Details

Although they’re growing in popularity, tear downs have been occurring for years. At Walden Homes, we begun building, renovating, and tearing down these older homes in 1990. Our first full tear down was in 1992. Since then, we've worked in neighbourhoods throughout Toronto.

Building these homes, we have learned that for a homeowner, building their new home is a big picture dream. For us, these projects are dependent on the details. A beautiful new home stands on the effective harmony of its details.

The most exciting process was incorporating technology into the home and into the building process. Experienced management turned out to be one of the most important factors in implementing the details of projects like these, as effectively incorporating technology into a new home is a very detail dense project.

Can I Afford a Tear Down?

Many things determine the cost of a tear down. Land prices are changing dramatically, the cost of construction has risen, and homes have become more feature dense per square foot. Design detailing, home comfort systems, the level of finish, material and labour costs have all continued to rise. Still the cost of good planning and managing all aspects of the design and building process are more important now than ever before due to the details, change in building process, and architectural style.


If you were to rebuild you home, what’s one must-have detail you would include? Share with us below!