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Is There A Right Size Project?

Big or Small Project Size:  Does it matter?

Back in the early 90s, I used to head down to the Building Department every Tuesday and Thursday to browse through new building permit applications. I was just getting  Walden started.  Sifting through the big red binders of permits at the City of Toronto’s Building Department was my best ways to generate new business.

This was way well before email, the internet and the iPhone.

Twice a week, I would call up homeowners listed on the application and see if we could give them a quote on their renovation.  No one else was helping people out like this, so for a few years this approach really worked well. This practice got us off of the ground and helped lay the solid foundation that we’ve built Walden on.

We often took on challenges that were brand new to us which created new opportunities for growth and let us see exactly which kind of projects we were best suited for.

Finding The Right Fit

From this experience, we learned a lot about finding the right projects for our clients and ourselves. At the end of the day, it isn’t about projects having a certain scope or budget, but finding a client/builder fit. This is important for us and the homeowner – having a balanced relationship creates the circumstances necessary for a successful project.

25 years later, we still know how to focus on the right clients.

Not About The Size Of The Project

It’s never about big or small projects, but finding the perfect fit for everyone involved. We always look to form a partnership with every homeowner to join forces and accomplish great things with definable results by creating a shared goal.

This approach has helped us complete hundreds of interior and exterior projects over the years including tear downs, new builds, rebuilds, and additions of all shapes and sizes. Some projects have been as large as a 25 000 fttownhouse with 7 units at the corner of St. Clair and Spadina and as small as a bathroom reno that we’re currently completing for a client’s condo on the waterfront.

Large and small projects both require paying close attention to detail – we use BuildSmart to help with this.

BuildSmart is our project management platform that allows us to manage multiple projects in an efficient and organized way. We understand the value of transparency in the homebuilding and renovation process, so we always provide a complimentary iPad to our clients loaded with our PlanSmart and BuildSmart software.

This lets you monitor your project every step of the way and stay connected with us and our team.

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Written by:  Bruce Borden,  Walden Homes

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