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Toronto Custom Home Design Tips: Why 3 rooms Is More Than 4

Main floor living in a Toronto house traditionally consisted of a living room, dining room and kitchen. These were designed to function as formal spaces and divided rooms, which were designed and built for a much different lifestyle than many currently have.

Starting in the 1980s homes were renovated with an addition that added a fourth room, but still functioned as four separate, independent rooms. 

In the 1990s kitchens and family rooms started to be unified into one space used for casual living. Houses still typically had a separate dining room and formal living room.

Gradually, lifestyles are getting less formal. The trend to less formal dining took hold and houses now are renovated or built new to include more open space, i.e. the increasingly popular open concept design.

This has evolved back to the three room concept, but rather than three separate, confined living spaces, we now have three open and connected areas that are well suited for casual, flexible living. Formal living rooms are no longer needed, which is why the trend has moved towards a much better version of the three living spaces.

This flexible living concept typically consist of a dining space for small groups of four to six, with the ability to accommodate 12 or more when needed; kitchens that offer space for new larger/oversized appliances; tons of storage and a vast amount of counter space. The beauty of a three living space lifestyle is that you’re living in what feels like a large home, but do not have to incur the cost to build, maintain, and heat/cool a large space. We can work with existing space and add only small additions versus, years ago when we would be adding 15 feet to the back of a house.