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Unlimited Bathroom Designs

There's no end to the possibilities when it comes to bathroom renovation; the possible combinations are almost unimaginable.

As much as there are trends and similar aspects from one design to the next, bathrooms are the most customizable room in a house. The possible combinations of materials, options, details, and layout are endless.

But don't let that scare you.  Have some fun!

From possible different ways to layout of the bathroom, thousands of fixture possibilities, endless tile options, cabinetry choices, and countertop styles - the combinations of all of these make bathroom design a blank slate.

Each one is very different from the next!

This explains why bathroom renovations can be such a challenge.  On the positive side, challenging in a good way that keeps things fresh and exciting.

Room for room there are more options in a washroom than in just about any other in the house. Certainly per square foot, they are most design intensive rooms and are also likely to be the most costly area of the house on a cost per square foot basis. 

If you are looking to renovate one of you bathrooms, you will want to start off by narrowing things down.

Here are some tips:

  • What overall feeling are you looking? Is it is a kids washroom, young/older, luxury or modest, practical or detailed, large his/hers ensuite, spacious, simple functional ensuite, family bath shared, or guest bathroom.  Who will be using the washroom?  Family or guests? Are there accessibility requirements?  Are you looking for a style that resembles a spa or more practical? 
  • Don't forget to think of some of the more practical parts such as storage requirements, locations for hanging towels, lighting requirements, washroom venting, shower or tub niches for shampoo, floor warming, etc.
  • You always want to use a bathroom specialist and licensed plumber.  A good quality oriented tile installer goes a long way to a successful renovation project.  Plumbing and tile installation are the most critical areas that you really want to get right. Long-term performance is dependent on getting the best possible trades in to do your work. Cut back on other elements if you have to, but do not skimp in these areas.

Bathroom renovation does not have to be complicated. 

If you are thinking about renovating a bathroom I suggest that you contact Cindy VanRyn is an amazing interior designer and our partner in SnapDesign + Contracting.   Snap makes bathroom design simple by combining great design with hands on contracting.

You can contact Cindy:

Written by: Bruce Borden, Walden Homes