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Washroom Design: It's All So Simple

So Simple: 

 Look at this chic bathroom aesthetic. How does one accomplish this?  

-White ceramic tile 4″ x 24″ -Standard white skirtless  tub with a white ceramic tile 8″ x 24″ ,

-A one pc white toilet, white hand towel nice positioned to the right side of the vanity. 

-Toilet paper mounted on the left side of the vanity. 

-Plain frameless mirror sitting above chrome wall mounted faucets.  

A 4″ wide white stone counter top edge detail with a rectangular white drop in sink. -White flowers set into a white folder. 

-A white soap dish -All this white set onto a 24″ x 24″  grey porcelain tile floor.  

-Finished off with a minimalist two door stained vanity with touch latch doors (no hardware required – less is more).   All so simple…when it’s done right.

image by Jeff King & Company, San Francisco