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Why We Like Double Pocket Doors

With double pocket doors, you get the best of both worlds, the design world's version of having your cake and eating it too.  You get an open concept connection between 2 spaces while at the same time providing an option of privacy or seperation.

The double pocket door opening width can range from 5' up to 8'. The doors slide into the wall cavity. The big advantage is that the doors do not take up space within either room.  

The door style itself can range to suit any style house or design treatment.  The glass french doors pictured above allow for a visual connection even with the doors are closed.  They are also useful for sound control when needed from time to time.

Double pocket doors are a great option for when a full open concept does not suit your lifestyle. 

The Bones

Keep Your Basement Dry

Considering the record amounts of rain we’ve been receiving around the city, we thought we’d put together an quick post on ways to flood and leak proof your home.