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Window Interiors Painted Black

Black window interiors are a very versatile design detail. It can be found in homes that are modern, traditional, transitional – you name it! Black window interiors work beautifully in all homes. You can see examples of how versatile this design detail can be with the above images. Image two is very modern, three is transition, four is classic traditional.

How it’s used within the home is also very versatile. It works very well with both windows and doors. Image three and five both exemplify how to incorporate doors into the wall of windows. Windows and doors become a central element of the interior design. They really pop, which is also why it is important to make sure that the quality, design proportions and overall scale work within the space.

The window casing that surrounds the windows and doors can be painted white or a light colour to blend in with the surrounding wall.

If you are planning to paint operational windows that open, have screens, and hardware you can order hardware and oil rubbed finish that works really nicely with the black. The standard white or bronze hardware will not work as well with black windows. Instead, the window interiors have to be wood or fiberglass as painting windows black does not work well in vinyl or aluminum windows. You can order frameless steel windows which are easier to paint black.

The Bones

What's Up with the Fan?

With all the wet cold weather, the plaster was not drying at one of our jobs and the tapers were falling behind schedule.