Let’s Talk 2nd Storeys.

Building up your home for success one story at a time. If you’re starting to feel the squeeze in your bungalow, a great way to find additional space is to head upstairs!

If you’re starting to feel the squeeze in your bungalow, a great way to find space is to head upstairs. Putting on a 2nd Storey can efficiently and effectively double your living space making more room for the whole family.

Adding a 2nd storey to your home can feel like moving into a brand new home without ever packing one moving box. The whole orientation of a 2-storey home is different and can allow you to find the space you need.  Your home is your sanctuary. But suddenly your family is growing, or a family member is moving in and you need more space, fast. Or maybe you want to make those dreams of working from home come true with a home office?

Regardless of the circumstance, you may think moving is your only option, which isn’t true. Moving is a major undertaking both financially and emotionally.  

The good news is, you don’t have to move! Adding a second storey to your home saves you the necessity of relocating, changing your children’s school and adapting new habits and routines that you grew to rely on. Many homeowners are opting to add another floor and loving the ability of living in the comfort they have acquired over years, while doubling their living space and increasing their homes property value. Trust Walden Homes to bring your second storey addition to

Let Us Build Your Second Storey

Most homes are constructed in such a way that a second storey addition can be built seamlessly on the structure of your current home.  Imagine walking into your home and having a whole extra level to enjoy! Our team can help you decide how you would like to utilize all of the new found space. Maybe your second storey addition will serve as another bedroom, bathroom, home office, extra storage space, or maybe that dream closet your current home just doesn’t have the space to accommodate.

Walden’s design team will bring whatever your vision is for your second storey to life. Our experts will provide a carefully detailed design plan that will maximize space and profitability of your home.  

We will tailor your project right down to the most incremental detail and provide you with a wide array of quality finishes to ensure your addition surpasses all of your expectations.  

View Some of Our Completed 2nd Storeys

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Moving isn’t your only option! Opt to build a second storey on to your home and maximize not only your homes space, but its profitability.  Our professional team of experts have a combined total over 75 years’ experience and that experice will show in the quality of our work.   

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