Basement Renovation

Usually the last space in a home to be renovated, the basement is actually one of the renovations that can add SERIOUS square footage to and value to your home. Let’s renovate, an unfinished basement is beneath you!

Once thought of as little more than cold storage, basements today can offer warm, comfortable environments that add extra square-footage of beautiful living space to your home.

Often overlooked, the basement is the perfect renovation to complete any home. Gone are the days of the scary, damp and dark basement. So many of our clients can attest to just how drastically a new basement has improved their home and lives by taking advantage of space that previously went unused.

Are you renovating to give the kids an entertainment area of their own? Maybe you're following the expert's opinion and renovating your basement to increase the value of your home for resale. Perhaps you're finally letting your husband build that man cave he’s been dreaming of. Maybe you have plans to renovate and garner a second income by renting out your space to a tenant. Whatever the case, Walden Homes will help you take your basement to the next level.

Entering Construction of Your Basement Renovation

Walden homes knows what a massive undertaking a basement renovation can be, which is why we make the process effortless by streamlining every aspect of the project for you. People are often unaware of all of the changes one basement renovation can entail. For instance, we can increase ceiling height, install heated floors to keep your basement at a consistent comfortable temperature and install additional windows to allow for optimal natural lighting. You can trust our team to perform quality underpinning to rid your basement of those terrible low cleanings so many homes have been designed to have. Walden Homes can also help make your basement into a profitable living space by converting it into a rental unit. With over 25 years of experience you can rest assured that your space will be built in adherence with city codes and possess all of the required permits necessary.  Renovating a basement can also make for a fun new space for all members of the family to enjoy. Regardless of what you plan on using your basement for, we will make sure it’s the basement of you’ve always wanted, with stunning features that will provide comfort and added square footage you never imagined possible.

Let Us Do the Math

You don't have to be 6'5 to enjoy the added benefits of more headroom in your basement.

Anytime a client adds height to their basement they instantly notice how much larger their basement seems and how much comfort and functionality they had been missing out on previously. When you consider the cost of a home in the city, the basement may be the least expensive square footage you can add to your home.

Let's say your home is worth $1.5 million and it was 1,800 square feet combined on the main and second floor. This works out to a cost per square foot for livable space of $833 per square foot. That is $833 x 1,800. This is the cost per foot for your livable space. If you add another 900 square feet of livable space to your basement by adding head room, and making the overall feel of the basement less stuffy and more comfortable - how much would that be worth?

If you are an accountant, theoretically you could say that anything less than $833 would make sense.

Let's say that adding 900 square feet in the basement cost you $80,000. That works out to $88 per square foot, or roughly 10% of the cost of the rest of the square foot cost in your home.  After breaking it down, it's clear to see that the profit your home stands to gain supersedes the cost and time a renovation like this would require. Which begs the questions, “why wouldn't you renovate your basement?”  

View Some of Our Completed Basement

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Basement renovations have been known to increase livable square footage of a home drastically, in turn improving the resale value. Regardless of the use your basement will serve, you can trust Walden Homes will surpass all of your expectations. Whether it's providing effective floor plans, flawless underpinning performed by qualified contractors, transparent pricing plans, detailed schedules or help getting permits for your project, Walden is here to accommodate you.   Trust us to turn your dream basement into a reality!

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