You don't have to pick up and move out of your home to get a newer more contemporary designed home. We can turn any home no matter its age into a home that feels brand new!

Really there’s only one thing that makes a home contemporary — and that’s you. When not restricted by conventional standards or expectations, you are free to imagine a home that reflects your personal style and taste.

Because there’s a freedom to consider non-traditional elements when designing and building a contemporary home, the process is always exhilarating, inspiring and exciting.

At Walden, we have extensive experience designing contemporary-inspired interiors and exteriors for homeowners. Some clients implement an entirely modern concept for their home, but it’s important to note that no home has to be all or nothing when contemporary design is concerned. Transitioning modern looks into more traditional Toronto homes is completely achievable and can create a unique style and design that matches your uniqueness as well.

Exploring Contemporary Design

When we discuss contemporary home design, there is no such thing as right or wrong. Still, one feature cannot be ignored: lines. Contemporary design is all about lines. From flat roofs, horizontal siding, and clean & simple front steps on the outside, to huge open windows, open concept floor plans, and orderly floor coverings like tile or wood on the inside, lines feature everywhere in contemporary design. They extend across entire rooms, arrange in perfectly perpendicular rows for wood wall panels, and emphasize an overall orderly aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye.

Of course, minimalism comes to mind when we speak about contemporary architecture and design as well. Stemming largely from classic Japanese design, minimalism emphasizes (again) clean lines, open concept floor plans, and simple geometric shapes. If contemporary design interests you, all of these aspects can be incorporated into your new home or addition with Walden’s assistance.

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Whether it’s adding the final modern touch to your exterior front elevation or creating those key transitional design elements that take you from a Tudor exterior to a modern interior, details can make or break a home’s overall look. Fortunately, at Walden, we understand the importance of even the smallest details and we never miss a beat.

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