Home Additions

When it starts to feel like you've out grown your home... Assing an addition is the perfect solution to making your home feel brand new, while providing the space and function your family desires.

The possibilities for adding new rooms to your home are endless. Add-ons allow you and your family to spread out and increase your comfort, utilizing space to your exact requirements. Moreover, additions of any kind will greatly add to the value of your home. Read More

Still, renovations require considerable preparation, and having a trustworthy, reliable contractor on your side is the only way to ensure success. Walden Homes has been building and renovating Toronto-area houses for over two and a half decades. We will assist you with every step of the process from designing and feasibility, to permitting, demolition, and project management. With our skill and expertise, we can eliminate the stress and anxiety of planning and executing your home renovation and help you build the home you’ve always dreamed of.

The Sky Is the Limit

From mudrooms and sunrooms to kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, we’ll bring your vision to life. We deliver only the highest-quality vendors, contractors, and trade specialists, and throughout the entire process, transparency is paramount. Read More

Walden Homes has been working with couples and families on their home addition projects for decades. Choosing us as your contractor provides you with flexibility in planning, designing, and scheduling. No matter the size or scope of your project, we’ll get it done right.

Growing Families And Changing Needs

With expanding families, growing children and in-law co-habitation on the rise, there can be a lot of reasons to pursue a home addition. Over the years, many families have changing needs, and their homes must evolve to properly accommodate them. Young families with small children often invest in modest sized homes when they are just starting out. However, as their children grow, and their careers advance bringing more income, it’s not uncommon to see investments allocated to home additions. Read More

It can be a difficult choice at times between renovating to expand or deciding to move into a home with more space. Additions are a great choice for people who love their lot, neighborhood and amenities but need more space. While any renovation project comes with its own set of challenges, it can be a lot easier and more convenient than moving to a completely new neighbourhood or city – especially if you have children or teenagers who don’t want to be uprooted.

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Our Clients Love Working With Us

I was looking for a company that I could trust to help me take my ideas and turn them into a home that I would be proud of. I learned through a disappointing experience with a previous contractor that I needed to work with someone who really cared about the little details. Walden did a fantastic job at managing all aspects of my renovation.

Client’s vision: traditional details in an open concept floor plan

Michele has lived in both North America and Europe and appreciates various styles of architectural. Her idea was to incorporate traditional elements into her home near Yonge St. and St. Clair Ave. She also wanted to transform a series of small, cramped rooms on the first floor into a luxurious open area for living, entertaining and dining.

Walden did a great job renovating our previous home. When we decided to take on our next major project, Nolan and I contact Bruce and Danny right away. They guided us through the entire process. From finding the right architect to helping us make all the necessary decisions. We really love our new home.

The vision: creating interesting view throughout the house

For Nolan and Carol,  taking advantage of the outstanding views of the property was a priority.  “We did not want to build a big house”. To minimize the overall footprint, we relied on contemporary design elements and  open multi-purpose spaces.

The couple can entertain and host large gatherings while still maintaining a comfortable setting for the family's everyday relaxed lifestyle. Floor to ceiling windows and doors provide views of the surrounding property. The courtyard is private and self contained hidden behind a privacy gate. The kitchen walks out to ...

Paul heard about Walden through a co-worker. "I figured that Walden would be a good fit because their approach is very organized. And that was a good fit for me. I recognized that we were in way over our heads with this house, so we were very careful to find a company that would keep us on track. Walden did a terrific job.

Client’s vision: to find the hidden potential

Along the back of the house, a mudroom was removed and staircase relocated, freeing space for a main-floor family room. Next, a small staircase cutting the kitchen off from the hallway was removed and a new powder room added off the hallway leading into the new kitchen. On the second floor, a dark, confined hallway was opened up, making a large landing, which leads to a new guest bedroom and washroom and offers improved access to the third-floor office and family room.

The second renovation that we did with Walden was much smaller in scope than the first one 14 years ago. David and I are every bit as delighted with how Danny and Bruce took care of our home during the renovation. We really love the attention to detail that Walden brings to the job. The quality of workmanship is terrific and you guys were always there to deal with every issue.

Client’s vision: organized, functional & comfortable

CHALLENGE: Now working from home, Susan needed a well-organized welcoming space for an office. The only available location was in the basement. But it was dark, isolated from any natural light and had low head clearance.

SOLUTION: We removed a structural post and located some low hanging heating pipes. Then we removed a wall on the stair landing, built a new set of stairs, changed the side door to allow in more natural light and tucked in a large working area below the basement landing. A custom- built storage cabinet, desk top and book ...

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