In-Law Apartments

Family should always come first! If your family is suddenly in need of space you don't have and moving is not an option an in-law apartment is the perfect solution!

In-law apartments offer a living arrangement that’s affordable, convenient, and comfortable for multi-generational homes. There is a lot to consider when including the addition of an in-law apartment in your home renovation. It’s important to work with a team who understands the complexities of a build like this and can make sure that everything is constructed to the highest degree of quality and to code.

Walden Homes has been building and renovating Toronto homes for over 25 years. We can build an in-law apartment to your exact specifications and with complete transparency. From determining feasibility and outlining designs to obtaining zoning approvals and permits and executing construction, we’ll turn your vision of an add-on in-law apartment into a reality.

Building Your In-Law Apartment From Start to Finish

In-law apartments are add-ons or home additions that attach to your home but offer stand-alone living arrangements for an aging parent or parents. Stay close to family members without actually living in the same space — the ideal solution for so many families today. In fact, it’s not only a smart addition for you, but it’s also a desirable asset to increase your home’s value.

Homeowners interested in in-law apartments are sure to meet numerous challenges along the way. Working with Walden Homes will eliminate the unnecessary stress and confusion of planning the layout, securing designs and blueprints, hiring trades specialists and ordering materials, and executing construction.

Our construction, design, and management experts are well-versed in in-law apartment planning and construction and will lead you in the safest, most stylish and cost-efficient direction possible. Furthermore, you’ll have real-time access to the entire process through our BuildSmart App.

Contact Walden Homes to Begin Planning Your In-Law Apartment

We’d love to discuss your in-law apartment addition with you. With this addition, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of having your in-laws or other family members close by while also allowing space for each of you.

Our advisors and project managers are highly-skilled and experienced in what is required to get your in-law apartment renovation project done correctly, efficiently, and according to your unique specifications. We can begin as soon as today.

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