Kitchen Renovation

Whether you're cooking a family dinner, celebrating a milestone or helping the kids with their homework, your kitchen is the heart of your home. With over 25 years in the business, we have the recipe for the perfect kitchen!

Bringing the design, architectural and build components of a job together will streamline process and create efficiencies that effectively save both time and money.

Almost every homeowner agrees that the kitchen is the heart, the nerve centre, the hub or cornerstone of your home. Whatever you want to call it, the kitchen is a major focal point. At various times, in various ways we eat, drink, entertain, cook, store, recycle, chat, celebrate, uncork, read, relax, bake, serve, listen, study, watch, compose... and so much more in the kitchen.

When imaging your dream home, your mind may drift to the place we spend most of our time, gathering with friends and family to celebrate, or to simply sitting down for a home cooked meal. It’s our goal to ensure that those mealtimes and gatherings will leave long lasting memories.

Many who are looking to renovate their kitchens often have the same complaints: lack of space, sub-par finishes and lack of utility. In most cases, kitchens that are in desperate need of an update have been poorly designed or they are starting to look dated. Poorly designed kitchens result in wasted square footage that you could be converting into functionality. We can develop a floor plan that actually works for your kitchen and your needs!  Walden’s detail oriented approach ensures that your vision of a beautiful, functional kitchen is captured during the design process and realized in the construction process.

Constructing Your Dream Kitchen

Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, we have the knowledge and know how to turn your dream kitchen into a reality. We’ll transform your kitchen from ordinary to a space that has  top of the line finishes, gorgeous islands, flawless cabinetry, with the oven of your dreams. We have the resources to fulfill every aspect of your desires and requirements.
We know how important it is to listen to our clients’ when it comes to creating the perfect kitchen based on their goals. Over the last 25 years we have mastered the ability to take our clients initial wishes and build upon their vision while at the same time integrating our experience and creativity to ensure your dream kitchen is a unique and a direct reflection of your needs and wants.

View Some of Our Completed Kitchens

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We recognize that the kitchen is every homes focal point, it is also a huge contributor when it comes to the market value of your home. Walden homes has completed thousands of kitchen renovations over the last 25 years in the home renovation business, with multiple awards to show for it. We produce exceptional service every single time.  We are known for innovative design ideas, the highest quality construction, and outstanding customer service

We balance quality of work with efficiency to deliver the best possible solution for your homes kitchen renovation. If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a much needed renovation, let’s get cooking! Contact us today and let's get started!