Large Scale Renovations

Is your existing home on an amazing lot, in a great area but not providing the features and space you need to accommodate your family or lifestyle? We’ll help you completely reshape your home into one you’ll truly love.

No matter the size of your project, managing a large scale renovation involves supervising many moving parts simultaneously. Read More Getting the timing just right to minimize delays and other issues can certainly be a challenge. However, our highly-skilled teams know how important meeting deadlines are for you and your family.

Whether you have a baby on the way, a moving date approaching, or a celebration planned, our team knows just how important the details are, that's why we never make false promises. Our team at Walden Homes is highly organized ensuring our projects are clearly defined from day one and expectations are met every time.

Entering Construction and Project Management for Large Scale Renovations

Because of the numerous site activities that take place as construction is under way, organization is essential, and we run a tight ship! All resource, permitting, and labour documentation is kept in order so you never have to worry about organizing and storing important documentation. Cost status is recorded and referenced against the budget as well, providing you peace of mind throughout the entire project.

We Do Our Research – and PlanSmart

This is where all the work from the feasibility, schematic designing, and construction prep phases comes into play.

We conduct extensive research and assessments to provide you with an accurate, clear picture of the overall project so there are no surprises before breaking ground. Read More We’re able to ensure that we stay on-target, avoid delays and other mishaps as construction moves forward.

Finally, we monitor quality by meticulously scrutinizing every aspect of the build process to ensure the work complies with all requirements we have agreed upon in the project plans.

View Some of Our Completed Large Scale Renovations

Contact Us to Begin Construction on Your Renovation Project

Our streamlined design and construction process turns your dream home into a reality.  We take all of the necessary care to plan, coordinate, and find professional, trustworthy trades, which is what our customers deserve!  In the end, we balance quality of work with efficiency to deliver you the best possible final product, on time and on budget.

As soon as the initial stages of assessment, schematic design, and PlanSmart setup are complete, we can begin working on your new home! Contact us today to get started!