Let’s Talk Open Concept.

It can be like magic when you do an open sesame on your home. Take out walls and gain space, light and sight lines — And forever after... save on paint.

Opening up the interior of your home makes it more sociable and less claustrophobic. An open kitchen allows the cook to stay connected with family and guests. Connected dining and living areas ensure children are supervised while adults may prefer to linger and talk at the table. Open concept homes also make a space feel and look a lot bigger than a traditional home design layout.

Walden Homes excels at delivering impressive open concept living spaces that are completely sound in their structural integrity as well as exceptionally useful and stunning in their design.

Entering Construction and Project Management

Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, we have the skill and expertise to bring your dream of an open concept floor plan to life. Our structural engineers will handle all aspects of the transitional construction, ensuring safety and structural integrity along the way.

We begin every project by assessing the architectural viability of your home, then moving forward, shoring will be arranged to support the structure while making changes to your home. Finally, new structural elements will be designed and implemented to allow for an open floor plan that provides more room, flexibility, and seamless connection between spaces.

Designing and Building Flexible Spaces

Most older homes in Toronto were built with closed-off kitchens and formal living and dining spaces. Undoubtedly breathtaking in their craftsmanship, many homeowners are looking to update their homes to suit a more casual lifestyle. Implementing an open concept design is the ideal way to do this.

Not looking for a modern home? Designing spaces that align well with casual living doesn’t mean abandoning a home’s traditional roots. Transitional design detailing, such as wide plank hardwood flooring, wooden cabinetry and windows, muted hues, and natural light that floods the room can be seamlessly incorporated into your open concept design.

The structural engineers, designers, and build team at Walden Homes are unmatched in their abilities to provide the perfect open design for your space.

View Some of Our Completed Open Concept

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We strive to create a beautiful space that works for you and your family. Multi-use spaces skillfully combine kitchen, dining, and living areas and align flawlessly with casual living. They allow for better use of space with more flexibility and can work well in nearly all homes.

So are you ready to open up your space? Let us take your home to the next level with an open concept design. Contact us today to get started!