Our Customer’s Stories

What is it like to work with Walden Homes? Let our customers tell you!

Eco-Friendly Renovation

Their vision: organized, eco-friendly, practical and sensible

Howard and Debra were forced to take down the tree in the front yard when an arborist determined it was a danger. The couple were resourceful, deciding to make a dining room table from the wood rather than seeing it hauled away as mulch. The table became a central feature around which the house was redesigned.

To accommodate the table, we created a large open area at the back of the house, opening out onto the large treed backyard. The couple chose simple materials, clean lines with an emphasis on functionality and organization.

We incorporated many green building componenets into this project: a state of the art geothermal heating and cooling system, icynene foam insulation, environmentally friendly countertops and flooring, recycled doors, energy efficient windows and low-emision paint.

Howard came across Waldens website and decided to call and learn about Plansmart. "We liked that Walden was prepared to work within our budget. They were sensitive to our environmental concerns, as well as our requirements to be able to move back into our home within a realistic timeline.

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