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What is it like to work with Walden Homes? Let our customers tell you!

Maximizing a Small Space

Client’s vision: organized, functional & comfortable

CHALLENGE: Now working from home, Susan needed a well-organized welcoming space for an office. The only available location was in the basement. But it was dark, isolated from any natural light and had low head clearance.

SOLUTION: We removed a structural post and located some low hanging heating pipes. Then we removed a wall on the stair landing, built a new set of stairs, changed the side door to allow in more natural light and tucked in a large working area below the basement landing. A custom- built storage cabinet, desk top and book shelves were installed.

CHALLENGE: The house had one washroom on the second floor. The basement washroom was often used in the morning, but it was cold, musty and cramped.

SOLUTION: We gutted the washroom, installed interior waterproofing, closed cell foam insulation, proper ventilation and a glass enclosed shower. The washroom is warm, bright, dry and comfortable.

CHALLENGE: The front entry was tired, dull and not welcoming for guests.

SOLUTION: We removed the odd-shaped arch, upgraded the lighting, stripped and refinished the railing, repainted and installed new stone flooring. The entry now looks great.

The second renovation that we did with Walden was much smaller in scope than the first one 14 years ago. David and I are every bit as delighted with how Danny and Bruce took care of our home during the renovation. We really love the attention to detail that Walden brings to the job. The quality of workmanship is terrific and you guys were always there to deal with every issue.

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