7 K

Architect: blackLAB Architects
Interior Design: Four Blocks South
Sqft: 3600

310 R

Architect: The Drawing Room
Interior Design: The Drawing Room
Sqft: 14,000 (incl. basement)

51 H

Architect: Quadrangle
Interior Design: Ann Johnston Design Consultants
Sqft: 10,500 (incl. basement)

103 W

Architect: VFA
Interior Design: VFA
Sqft: 3400 (incl. basement)



Process is our method. During the last 35 years, we've devoted ourselves to not just building homes but also to meticulously refining our processes. This isn't mere repetition—it's evolution. We've taken what works and made it better, all to ensure that your home-building experience is as seamless and satisfying as possible. The assurance of a streamlined, ever-improving home-building process that minimizes stress, maximizes efficiency and delivers a home built with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Projects are what drive us. Focused solely on residential construction, we manage projects ranging from full gut and additions, to custom homes. We work anywhere in the GTA and beyond, on elevated, architectural projects.


We Integrate in One of Two Ways

Whether we join your project at the very beginning or after your drawings are in place, our role remains the same: to meticulously guide the process, instill budget discipline, and value-engineer your project for optimal results. Initially, we can assist in selecting the ideal architect or designer if you haven't already chosen one. If a design team is already in place, we integrate smoothly to ensure everyone is aligned—well before construction starts.


A Single Point of Contact, Backed by a Team of Experts

Before breaking ground, each project falls under the careful oversight of a highly-skilled Construction Manager. Combining the roles of Project Manager and Site Superintendent, they serve as your central point of contact. Strongly supported by our backend system and a specialized team, our Construction Managers go beyond mere site management. They act as your expert in construction, assuring your project is in capable hands from start to completion.


A Lasting Partnership for Your Home’s Future

Your home is a long-term investment, and so is our commitment to you. With a five-year warranty as our standard, our real offering extends much further: a lasting partnership. As homes have evolved into complex systems, the need for expert guidance and reliable trades never wanes. That’s why we continue to be your trusted advisors and connectors, long after construction concludes.